Skyline Tree Experts


Hello and Welcome!

Feel free to call or e-mail with any questions or comments!

Skyline Tree Information:

To inspect the work needing to be done in the Santa Rosa, CA area, there is no charge for estimates.

Distances that are further away may require a fee for an on site visit. I will discuss orally what I determine needs to be done. Usually a written estimate will be presented to the owner before the job is started. There are emergencies that may interrupt or delay my scheduling the work.

I am one person, and if speed is required for your needs and comfort with work that cannot wait, then you have other choices for having the work done sooner. Most of the customers I have worked for decades are willing to wait for my services. The results of my work are worth waiting for and I will do my best to complete the work in a timely manner once it is scheduled.

Emery Dann
(707) 738-7643


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