Skyline Honey

Information on Honey Bees

and how to Rescue them!


Often honey bees constitute different degrees of a emergency situation. I will do what I can as soon as I can or will refer you to other beekeepers who may be able to help. Every honey bee intervention we make is unique. The time, equipment, and effort will vary depending on the situation. Much planning and figuring out how to manage the outcome for the best results possible for the bees will be made.

It takes a professional and there needs to be adequate compensation for all that is involved. If the cost is a problem, there may be alternatives that I can bring to your attention. To receive professional work done in a safe manner is worth being respected. I always recommend, if possible, to get several estimates and consultations. This way you will either appreciate the work I am able to do for you, or you may find a better price. However, be aware that cheap or free may get you what you paid for it, along with a horror story to tell about what happened or didn’t happen! A word to the wise.

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Swarm Help: Call (707) 738-7643 and/or  Click Here!

Emery Dann
(707) 738-7643


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