About Emery Dann


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA My name is Emery Dann and I’ve been working with trees for 35+ years.

My philosophy is that “Organic Stewardship” is best for the environment and our well being. Pesticides and chemicals are quick fixes that cause short and long-term damage by over concentration besides being unsustainable and very expensive (in many ways more than just money). This is true with both trees and bees in Sonoma County.

The products mass produced by chemical companies of the herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers and pesticides number in the thousands are creating a dangerously toxic environment both above ground level, in our soils and water resources underground along with human and environmental health concerns.

My approach is to supply natural, organic and basic elements that are needed for optimum health and vigor. It is always true that early intervention is best when smaller changes can be the most effective. Every tree has a limited lifespan that we try to improve and sustain for as long as possible.

This is my approach to tree care and I have seen very positive results to environmental concerns.

Emery Dann
(707) 738-7643


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